Kim Hyun Joong To Act New Drama & Variety Show!

And I’m excited on the drama he’ll be acting!

Kim Hyun Joong has now headed over to Keyeast and will be starting off his career with a new drama and a variety show in Japan. Awesomeness.

Now, before I go on and name the drama, let’s all start getting happy, cause I am. It is said that Kim will be playing the leading man aka Naoki, aka Zhi Shu… are we getting somewhere? Nope? Well he will be acting the Korean version of the hit drama/manga titled “Playful Kiss” (It Started With A Kiss or Itazura Na Kiss).

Keyeast has been talking with the production company of the “Playful Kiss”, Group Eight and they will give an official statement soon, so this isn’t officially confirmed.

Kim had to go against hot celebrities from CNBLUE and DBSK, but he got the part, or so I think he did.. and hope.

A lot of Korean female celebrities are auditioning for it already and members from f(x) and KARA have already auditioned and waiting for results.

The drama will be aired in September!

I suggest some people go ahead and either watch the Taiwanese version or the Japanese version. The manga is beautiful, the anime is beautiful, and the two dramas are amazing! I cannot wait for the release! Plus FUN FACT: there were no true ending because the creator of the manga died before she could finish it. The team of the drama plan to use ISWAK2’s ending and do their own twist.


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