Se7en To Comeback On 20100721

It seemed like it’s taking years for him to come back. I can tell it’s SE7EN. He has nice lips.

*clears throat* anyways, let’s get to the news. It has now been revealed that SE7EN will be coming back by July 21st 2010. There was a short teaser released and it doesn’t sound R&B or Hip-Hop. Hope he doesn’t put too much auto-tune.

This was first discovered on YGFamily’s official website. We hadn’t written news about him since last year. O_O

The teaser is 30 seconds and through out the teaser, we don’t hear SE7EN’s voice at all. No voice… *faint*. The new mini-album will have seven songs and SE7EN will have a change of music after 3 years of not being heard from in the K-Pop world.

Check out the teaser!

Credits: JoYmonday0 @ YT

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