[MV] Clap For Teen Top

The boys are here. Finally, one of the most anticipated wait is over!

The boys have already performed live in Inkigayo and Music Bank and the MV for their debut song “Clap” is released!

The boys have the names Cap, Niel, Riki, L.Joe, ChunJi and ChangJo. They range from 15-18, so they’re quite young. More teenage girls to find teenage boyfriends that belong to them! ^^

You guys might not remember them but if you recall, they’re having a show in MTV in the states because of how hard and how good they are. Check this article out!

The new MV stars Lizzy from After School. Check it out!

Credits: TheKpopSubber @ YT

The song didn’t amaze me. They can dance for sure and they’re pretty cute, but the song… it’s okay. I thought they would bring something different in the KPop world. I expected way too much from them. Now, I’m disappointed. Let’s see how the future will hold for them. They’re still following the dark concept and the same type of songs.


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