SM Entertainment Violates Han Geng’s Human Rights

I wonder how the stars in SM Entertainment deal with what’s happening.

HanGeng had an interview with BTV program on July 12th. The reporter had asked him a few questions about his treatment in SM Entertainment and he had answered with amazing answers that would shock many fans of SuJu and the SM Family.

HanGeng had sued SM last year to leave his 13 year contract with SM and the battle is still going on today. It is said that he had sued SM after a number of incidents had happened and he couldn’t even stay in the company anymore. Hangeng had been treated harshly. He couldn’t even visit his family back in China. There have been a lot of rumors going on inside SM. Some even saying that some celebrities under SM were forced to do plastic surgery. This is a huge issue right now.

Hangeng currently has activities in China with a solo album and solo concerts this weekend. Check out the video!

Credits: sheracheung @ YT


2 thoughts on “SM Entertainment Violates Han Geng’s Human Rights

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  2. I m just his new admirer n realy hapy 2know such good hearted n talented person.Kudos 4 being da person u r 2day.U r realy blesed by god n congrat 4 ema award.

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