T-ara Reveals ‘Big Change’

And then we all gasp.

What is this big change some may ask? Well some few days ago, the management of T-ara revealed that they will be making big changes and fans have been going up and down wondering what this change will be… and it’s now been revealed.

Core Contents Media revealed that T-ara will have a new member to go with a new second album. The seventh member of the girl group is named Ryu Hwa Young. Members of the company made an emergency meeting and discussed the girls’ futures. They had an option of splitting the girls up in groups or add a new member. But there’s more news to this.

The leader of the group has been changed. Eunjung will step down and give to crown to who? Some might think that the new girl might have taken her spot but it is none other than Boram.

But who is the Ryu Hwa Young? Ryu Hwa Young is a trainee in Core Contents and to add good news, her twin sister, Ryu Hyo Young will debut in a mixed group called Jin Hye Won. What you mean mixed? I mean boys and girls mixed.

Get set to go crazy of these girls! Check out some photos.

Well, they’re ultra lovable!


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