Death Girl

  • Title: 死神少女 / Si Shen Shao Nu
  • English title: Death Girl
  • Genre: Romance, mystery
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: PTS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-?? to TBA
  • Air time: TBA


This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.


  • Aaron Yan as Shen Qi 沈奇
  • Serena Fang as Du 渡 (Death Girl)
  • Wang Zi as Huang He 黃禾
  • Ah Ben as Xiao Lun 小侖
  • Mao Di as Ah Pang 阿龐
  • Ye Shou (野獸)
  • Ao Quan
  • Xiao Xun
  • Xiao Man as Pei Pei 佩佩
  • Chen Yi
  • Kris Shen as Xiao Tang 小唐
  • Cai Yi Zhen
  • Ya Zi (鴨子)
  • Peggie Qiu
  • Jay Shih (是元介)
  • Xiao Jie
  • Xiao Mei (小美)
  • Zhou Xian Zhong (周賢忠) as Black Dog
  • Peter Ho

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