Volleyball Lover

  • Title: 我的排隊情人 / Wo De Pai Dui Qing Ren
  • English Title: Volleyball Lover
  • Genre: Romance, sport
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Breadcast Network: CTS
  • Broadcast Period: 2010-Jul-16 to 2010
  • Air Time: Friday 22:00


Growing up together, Bai Qian Rui and Xin Hai Jing never saw one another as more than friends. So it’s no wonder when Hai Xing calls upon Qian Rui to help out the volleyball club, Qian Rui tries everything to wiggle out of it. He is more interested in going out with the alluring Jia Kai Lin than practicing volleyball with the tomboy Hai Jing. After all his tactics fail and he gets drag into the club, their long-time friendship turns into something more.


  • Godfrey Gao as Bai Qian Rui 白謙睿
  • Annie Chen as Xin Hai Jing 辛海靜
  • Song Ji Yan (宋紀妍) as Jia Kai Lin 賈凱琳
  • Lan Jun Tian as Liu Qing Han 陸青瀚
  • Na Wei Xun
  • Wang Jing Ying
  • He Wan Ting (何宛庭)
  • Yang Ming Wei
  • Qiu Zi Min (邱子珉)
  • Zou Zong Han (鄒宗翰)
  • Chen Yan Ru (陳妍汝)
  • Long Long (龍隆)

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