Jin Akanishi Removed From KAT-TUN

And then we all gasp.

It has been revealed that Akanishi Jin will graduate from KAT-TUN later this year. On the same day KAT-TUN had a concert last Friday in Tokyo Dome, Johnny Kitagawa had spoken to the press and revealed the information. The final decision will be made after Akanishi finishes his tour in the U.S. this fall.

The details on Akanishi’s solo concert was revealed in May and he has been working on it ever since. He performed in LA and has a 7-city tour in September and October. KAT-TUN will continue as a 5-member group. But what’ll happen to Akanishi?

Johnny says that the main focus right now is Akanishi making it in the U.S. and it wouldn’t be right if Akanishi returns to KAT-TUN because he failed to make it in the states. Johnny stated that it would be hard to do that after many fans supported him even after his return in 2007 after studying abroad in 2006.

Johnny says that KAT-TUN will not break up. Though the A”” in KAT-TUN stands for Akanishi’s name, the “A” will be extended to Kazuya Kamenashi’s “KA”. They have no plans to add a new member because the group is doing well without Akanishi, though they truly miss him.

Johnny and Akanishi are currently talking about Akanishi’s future in 2011.

This is off topic but doesn’t Akanishi and Kim Hyun Joong kind of  look the same?? check this picture out of Kim Hyun Joong and compare. ^^


2 thoughts on “Jin Akanishi Removed From KAT-TUN

  1. I’m not into JE boys but I guess KAT-TUN fans must be shocked. Actually, I do like two of their songs; Real Face and SIGNAL and I think he’s the one who caught my attention cause he has a very nice voice. Isn’t he the leader?

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