[Mini-Album Review] SE7EN Disappointed A Little With Digital Bounce

That’s right people, he’s back! I’m a fan of SE7EN, not really a big fan because I only have like two songs of him on my iPod. But this is surely to get me back on track with him. SE7EN is back with a new mini-album titled “Digital Bounce” and it contains seven brand new songs.

SE7EN is a Korean singer that debuted in 2003 with the genre of R&B and Hip-Hop. He was born in Seoul South Korea and is under YG Entertainment. SE7EN switched up a little for his new album, so if he switched, it’s a good time for a bad or good review. Before I go on, check out the tracklist:


The “Intro-Reset” is an intro, of course, and it invites listeners into a “digital” world I shall say. The album is titled “Digital Bounce” and the first track represents it a lot. The  beat is nice and it’s a quick song to do a quick dance. You kind of have the feeling to rock right to left. Not really a song to listen to if you wanna relax a little. Maybe a song that could be used to make someone feel “Cool”.

The song titled “Digital Bounce” features Big Bang’s T.O.P., so this is a song that will be checked out. The song also adds a “digital feeling” to it. Makes me think of tetris for some strange reason. The song sounds like an electronica hip-hop song and it’s very good. 1 minute into it and you’re kind of drawn in. Quite some auto-tune, which I’m not a big fan of. The change of beat in the middle of every 30 seconds might annoy some, like me, but it brings a lot into a digital world. When T.O.P. raps, it goes all out! The song goes on fire and you’re probably break dancing from then on. Shaking your hips and head.

“Better Together” was a song that I thought would be slow and relaxing, but I thought wrong. The song is mixed with quite some auto-tune too, and again it annoys me, but you gotta fit in to make money. The song also has a digital and hip-hop mix with it. The song changes in about 1 minute of the song and then goes back. It might take some few tries to start loving it. For me, at least. It’s a sexy song to dance to and interesting.

“I’m Going Crazy” sounds like a beautiful song. I already went crazy in the beginning of the song. I thought the song would be a fast song to dance to, but it’s not. It’s beautiful and also brings in a little digital feeling along with it. The song doesn’t have auto-tune… ^^… and SE7EN’s voice sounds pretty. It is really beautiful… I would listen to this song and smile.

“Money Can’t Buy Me Love” is what I expected the song to be. Quiet yet moving… if you get me. The song has beautiful instruments and a nice voice to go with it. I know money can’t buy SE7EN love, but his face makes fan girls fall in love. The song kind of drags as it goes so it isn’t so awesome, but the song is okay to listen to. It might take a few tries to make people fall in love with, but it’s quite impressive.

“Drips” has the digital sound to it, again, just like most of the song in the album. But I understand why it’s all digital. The song has a few surprises to go with it. It’s not one of my favorite on the album, but it has a few stuff to go with it. Some people might enjoy it, but I’m not in the category. I thought this song would be about a break up relationship and would be a ballad, but I was wrong.

In “Roller Coaster” SE7EN is screaming in your ear and then it gets better. A little bit of auto-tune, which I don’t like. The song is an upbeat song that will really get people bopping up and down. Now I thought this would be for “I’m Going Crazy”. The song has some kicks and some digital stuff to add to it, but it feels like this track was made out of boredom. It isn’t the best, but it’s okay.

All in all, SE7EN’s album seemed okay. I know he was gone for about three years, but I felt like he should have tried a little harder and didn’t have to change a little to fit in with today’s music. If I had to rate SE7EN’s album… it would be a C. Anyways, good luck on the sale SE7EN!!

Support SE7EN and purchase his album here!

Download songs here, or download the album as one here!


4 thoughts on “[Mini-Album Review] SE7EN Disappointed A Little With Digital Bounce

  1. Were you really disappointed?
    Honestly, I think the only song that was a bit of a let down was Drips but it will grow on me. The thing is, a lot of people think that Better Together is a great title track and Digital Bounce should be the follow up really.

    BTW, I added you as ともだち (Friends) on my blogroll. ^_^

  2. Kyah! Really really love the whole album 😛 Wasn’t a fan of Roller Coaster but it definitely grew on me! keke 77

  3. I don’t like how SE7EN made a departure from his previous musical style.
    Hip-hop/R&B was his true roots and he changed styles just to get more attention.
    Like BoA, he could have kept going hip hop with success.

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