[MV] BoA’s Got Game

BoA is back in the K-Pop industry after years of Koreans wondering when she’ll come back.

We had reported some few weeks ago that BoA would come back with a new song and video plus a new album and she’s back with the song “Game”. This will be her sixth album titled “Hurricane Venus”.

5 years without the “queen of JK-Pop” and it seems like she still knows how the K-Pop world is. BoA goes blonde and she looks a whole lot mature than she did five years ago. Though, she doesn’t dance more (which I know her mainly for), she still shows us a sexy side of her. The song is said to be about a inviting a lover into a love game.

The song doesn’t fit my taste but it will make it on the charts. It’s BoA and everyone missed her. BoA’s new album will be released on August 2nd! While you’re waiting, check out the MV.

Credits: DnKennethJr @ YT

I am surely doing a review on her album.


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