Kwon Sang Woo Fined For Hit And Run

It was revealed some few weeks ago that sexy beast Kwon Sang Woo was part of a hit and run. It was said that he would pay 5 million won for the hit and run and it is now revealed that the fine grew higher. I wonder what it is.

Kwon had already had imaginations that this would end after he apologized and made the two police officers earn a pay cut, but it seems like this will get worse. On the 29th, the Seoul Central Court ruled that Kwon will be paying 7 million instead of 5 million.

But why would they do this? A spokesperson stated that as a popular actor and public figure, he should be taken more responsibility than others. So, wait… cause he’s famous, you want more money? He’s still an human being, just with more money and a good looking face. I think that their reason was wrong and unfair. I hope Kwon can escape out of this one.


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