[Hot Shot] UEE Still Has Belly Fat??

Not again.

After being made fun of about two months ago for having belly fat, After School’s UEE still has it. It’s okay, she’s still pretty. She was made fun of again last year and now the third time has come.

Again, the girls of After School put on their costumes for their hit song “Bang!” and UEE was the only one left with the word “HUH??” It looked like the red top was not her size and seemed to make her look bigger than she actually… is?? Fans of UEE pointed out that she had to gain weight for her upcoming drama “Birdie Buddy“, so maybe it’s explainable. Plus, it’s hard to lose weight. Gaining is the easy part.

We all should remember that she is still human and that she’s beautiful always. Don’t forget the sexy dances she can do.

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