Big Bang Deserves More Than Being Called An Idol?

I actually think they shouldn’t be called an idol.

Now, this is a confusing topic, I must say, so some, bare with me. A music critic named Yim Jin Mo stated that the boys shouldn’t be called “Idol stars”. About this part… you’re like what??

Yim Jin Mo appeared on MBC’s FM4U Date In Two O’ Clock and stated

GDragon produced his own solo album himself. Therefore, if a member can write his own songs, help compose, we cannot call this group an “Idol Star. I hope that GDragon can focus more on songwriting and expand his creativity.

Now you might be confused. He went on and said,

Singers such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake wrote their own songs and produced it. This is a big success towards Big Bang.

Are you confused? Well, he’s stating that the boys shouldn’t be called idols. Idols are known more as people you look up to for looks and attitude. The boys have that, but they can produce and write their own songs. And that’s more than an idol is. Now, an artist can write and produce songs. So it seems like he is pointing out that the boys will become something great in the near future and they should not be known as idol stars, rather than an entertainer/artist.

Phew, this was complicated. I agree with the man. It’s true, the boys are too good for that.

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