[MV] New Boy Band Double B 21 Has More Than 15 Member

They don’t even have 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 15 members. They have 21 members! Now some may understand the 21 in the name “Double B 21.”

I am quite frustrated now. I couldn’t learn all of the names of the members of  Super Junior and how am I supposed to learn their names? You know what I’m think of right now? How can they split all the money they receive in 21 equal amounts. That’s crazy.

In the video, you only spot seven members. Some may ask why and it’s because, there’s no stage in Korea that will have 21 men dancing around. That’s way too much. Their agency split the boys in three groups. This will be quite annoying, because of the other two groups have the same name, I’ll be ultra confused. Maybe it’ll be Double A 21 & Double C 21.

There’s always a good thing to come out of a bad thing. The good thing is we all have 21 members to choose as our man. The bad thing is we might not remember their names! Though we will have 21 sexy guys to pick from. I own 15 of the members. I haven’t seen all their faces but they’re still mine.

Anyways, the song is ultra beautiful. It’s titled “One” and it’s a smooth ballad. Their voices are quite sexy. Anyways, check out the MV!

Credits: mystikool69 @ YT


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