V.O.S. Falls Apart

My goodness. I just found out about this group like some few months ago and I was like I can’t wait till new songs in the future future. Now they’re gone!!

There were rumors flying about that Park Ji Hyun would leave V.O.S. and now it’s cleared when he stated on his minihompy

V.O.S. is not my name anymore. But I won’t forget it.

Park Ji Hyun apologizes to his fans and thanks those who had supported him.

V.O.S. consisted of Park Ji Hyun, Choi Hyun Joon, and Kim Kyung Rok. They all wanted to sign out of Star Empire Entertainment in July of 2009 to go to J-Born Entertainment. Then earlier this year, Choi and Kim went back to Star Empire. Though, they kept the group alive even though they were in another agency but it seems like it was too hard for all of them and Park had to leave.

I wish that they may all come together one more day and make sweet music.


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