Clara C To Release Debut Album

Some might not know who Clara C is… try Clara Chung… no? Well, Clara C isn’t super famous just yet, cause she’s about to debut, but she’s a super talented singer. She showed how talented she could be after she started posting videos up on YouTube. She slowly became a YouTube sensation and now, she has her own album! I guess Justin Bieber isn’t the only one scouted by YouTube and singing live.

Her debut album is titled “Art In My Heart”. Truthfully, the type of music she sings isn’t really my type, but I have some songs I will definitely check out. I didn’t know who she was after Jay had sang with her and DumbFounded with the song titled “Clouds” and it is really good! I’m happy that she’s getting somewhere. Good luck in the near future. I just hope she knows where her limit is.

1. Hum
2. Offbeat
3. Heartstrings
4. The Camel Song
5. Til We Go
6. Fool’s Gold
7. Dear Daphne
8. Love Print
9. Wait on Me
10. Wake Up in Neverland

Check out a preview of her album.

Plus Clouds Featuring DumbFounded & Jaebeom.

Credits: ClaraCMusic &

Her album will drop out September 24th, 2010, so preorder here and check out her YouTube channel here.


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