Dream High So You May Be Asia’s Next Star

I had reported last year that there would be a Korean High School Musical… except it’ll become a drama. Bae Yong Joon and JYP are both hosting something that is very important. Now read closely…

There will be auditions to who ever can speak Korean. So 70% (or more) of people reading this, I’m sorry. Bae Yong Joon and JYP are teaming up with CJ Media for this new drama titled “Dream High”.

Ever since it was announced, there have been high expectations. It is a high school drama and is confirmed to air in January of 2011. Bae and JYP are currently looking for a new actor and actress to star as the lead role. They need people from age group 16 to 35 that have good dancing, singing, and acting skills. I have all, but I don’t think I’ll fit in well. There will be three rounds for the audition and the winners will be in the drama.

To start your dream off, click here for info. You must upload a 2 minute clip and introduce yourself with a dance or a song. Plus a picture.

Hope to see you on my computer!


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