[MV] GP Basic Has Game

K-Pop’s newest girl group has now been revealed. GP Basic (the youngest girls in the K-Pop world) have revealed their MV for their titled song “Game”.

These girls are gaining attention because the youngest member is in elementary school, while the oldest member is just 15. The track isn’t bad, but if I see all of them taking their shirts off and showing too much skin, things my start. It’ll be more news on them though. Also, to add onto the hype they’re already getting, it has been revealed that they are getting love calls form Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Anyways, check out the video!

Credits: Billboard100KpopMnet @ YT

I must say, their dancing skills are okay but the little kids voice kind of ruins the song. Plus, it’s mostly auto-tune in the song so you can hardly find out if they can sing or not.


3 thoughts on “[MV] GP Basic Has Game

  1. They ok maybe in a few more years when they’re a little bit more grown it would be more appropriate for them to sing songs with lyrics like the one they did..what does little kid know about boys stare and winning the big game? Should try to be like the west and have their kiddies grow to fast. Even the clothes the older girls was wearing was a little to skimpy for their age.

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