• Movie: Troubleshooter (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Haegyeolsa
  • Hangul: 해결사
  • Director: Kwon Hyeok-Jae
  • Release Date: September, 2010
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ex detective and now private eye Kang Tae-Sik (Sol Kyung-Gu) investigates a serial murder case and becomes the prime suspect. He then attempts to clear his name with the help of Ku Bon-Chi (Park Yeong-Seo), a young man highly skilled with computers, cellphones, and wire tapping.

Meanwhile, a mysterious troubleshooter (Lee Jeong-Jin) attempts to manipulate Tae-Sik.


  • Sol Kyung-Gu – Kang Tae-Sik
  • Lee Jeong-Jin – troubleshooter
  • Moon Jung-Hee – Oh Kyeong-Shin
  • Song Jae-Ho – Oh Joong-Ho
  • Oh Dal-Su
  • Lee Seong-Min
  • Lee Young-Hoon
  • Song Sae-Byeok
  • Kim Hyang-Gi
  • Choi Ji-Ho
  • Park Yeong-Seo – Ku Bon-Chi

Credits: KoJaPro @ YT


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