Can’t Be On… Following Dreams

Sad face.

Everyone is probably wondering where I am. I’ve been gone for like a week now, which freaks me out a lot. I can’t be on because I’m back in school. Yaay! I’ve made new friends and you all are my friends so you don’t count. I need to pay attention to school because I have some few more years of school left. I will not tell you if I’m a fifth grader or a tenth grader so don’t ask. I don’t give some of my personal information. I’m trying to focus on my dreams and my school is taking me there. I won’t say what my major is because it has something to do with the spotlight and if I do get there, I want no trace on me writing this blog. It’s not a bad blog, I’ve just said some harsh stuff. 🙂

Anyways, I know dreams do come true because one of my teacher will be famous soon and I’ll be following his footsteps. I hope every each one of you are following your dreams and I don’t think you’re doing it right now because you’re reading this. After hearing an inspiring speech I really want to get somewhere with my life and keep my 3.5 and/or higher GPA.

I love you all and follow your dreams… because one day I’ll be there with mine and I won’t be writing this things anymore. I’ll be talking about it with my friends though.

I did NOT say I won’t be on anymore but I won’t be on AS MUCH. Maybe once every two weeks. Keep checking back because I’ll be writing my thoughts, but maybe not news.



4 thoughts on “Can’t Be On… Following Dreams

  1. Don’t be upset. I can wait.
    Plus, it’s the time when people go back to school/college/uni so it doesn’t matter if reviews shorten because of it.

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