Dirty Backward Messages In Korean Music!

Well then… this is very very crazy!! I believe in my dearly beloved God and if I have to listen to disgusting lyrics… then I don’t think I would love to listen to “Gee”.

There is a video on YouTube that is slowly becoming popular and is making some people aware of what songs are saying, backwards. He uses the term “Backwards Masking” which means messages that are said if you play something backwards. The video is titled “The truth Of the media” and it is quite shocking. For those who don’t care about religion and God, you may not care about this article.

The video was posted up on YouTube and it basically shows a christian giving people a lecture. I do not understand much Korean so I was puzzled at times… and he freaked me out.

He played “Gee” 80% slowly and reversed it with Korean captions. 😦 He tells the viewers

The first time I listened to it, I thought it was a really good song and listened to it every time. I had obscenity in me every time the song played and I found out why when I flipped the song backwards. SNSD knows nothing about it but the composer who produced it put this purposely and it’s sad that most don’t know what they’re listening to.

He also stated

Son Dam Bi is a christian but her songs are produced by Brave Brothers. If you backmask most of her songs, the lyrics are so dirty that I can’t even force myself to say them. They’re truly disgusting but Son knows nothing about what she’s singing.

Some netizens try to defend the producers and say that what he says are stupid, but I’ve been quite aware of this for a year now. 🙂 I wish to say more, but search up videos on YouTube and you’ll find some shocking things. To add on with the news, check the video out. It would be nice for someone to translate it.

Credits: up0124 @ YT

Some translations:

Part 2: ‘Force it in between. (Try It!). ]

Part 3: Oppa, I feel something in me. eeg, eeg, eeg. That’s it right there. Right there’

Part 5: ‘Put it in me Lie down and do it (put it in).’

I shall not do more because it’s disgrossting! I hope someone can translate it. It would be nice. Just roughly translated some. I actually do believe this is true. It’s fine if some don’t believe, but evil do live among us and most of them have power. Search up some stuff on youtube and you will find videos. I knew about this and told my father about it. It took me six months until he believed. He saw some of what I said on the news. Pray, if you believe.


6 thoughts on “Dirty Backward Messages In Korean Music!

  1. I don’t think anyone intended that. People hear all kinds of crazy shit on song lyrics. Why would anyone put that there on purpose? They are trying to make money and a good song, so they try to make good lyrics, there is no point in making a secret hidden message. This is like what they say about Obama. About his speeches and how they talk about satan when you play it backwards.

    There are millions of songs in the world, some of those lyrics will have to spell suggestive things backwards, it would be statistically highly unlikely not to happen.

    • The chances of having the same message repeated in multiple lines differently during a single song is what’s actually very unlikely to happen. The subliminal message in ‘Gee’ was not a coincidence. Nothing that happens in the media today is a coincidence. There’s a reason behind every detail. Of course that’s not to say that all songs were made with the same intentions like Gee (since each song is made for different reasons), but it would be naive to think there is such thing as ‘pure coincidence’ in the kind of media we have today.

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  3. I think it s defenetly intended and made in purpose,because we can see how many start are into satan stuff and the aim is to collecte many people so they can control the world!! people now are tend to be agnostic so for them it s better to make them beleive in satan tha God!!! but they will never succed cas even if they dont pray they still have faith deep inside and this faith not anyone nor anything could disturb!!!!!!!

  4. lol that’s a piece of crap. nobody listens to these songs backwards! the person who edited the track to make it run backwards was obviously looking for some dirt to bash SNSD. this has nothing to do with Satan. i can’t believe people are actually buying this. fools. fools everywhere.

    • DUUUH! Which part of ‘SNSD doesn’t know anything’ didn’t you understand? These people are NOT bashing SNSD. There’s some kind of mind control in these songs for our souls to catch the backwards lyrics. That’s how it works, silly. And how does the song have sexual and disgusting backwards messages by itself? It is IMPOSSIBLE. Only if the evil composer did it in purpose. And let’s say that the evil composer is NOT SNSD. It is E-Tribe. Not that SM had this crappy backmasking composers from the start. SNSD was even decente when their career started. But blame those ugly illuminati freemasons and not the people who have conscience and try to warn others for their own safety.

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