A Member In A Girl Group Is Being Bullied!

[Picture is from a scene from the Japanse movie “Mondai No Nai Watashitachi”]

There have been rumors that a member from a particular girl group is being bullied by the other members. It has been revealed that the member is the youngest of all the others and is being bullied due to attention. Now, the only question is: “Who’s the girl group?”We actually do not know. No one knows. Remind yourself that this is just a rumor.

This member has been gaining fans attention through variety shows. But why is this the reason? Many variety shows in Korea have been asking for that particular member rather than the rest. And the other members became jealous and annoyed and began bullying her.

A representative from a broadcast revealed that the victim had participated in an event for a portal site but was separated from the rest of the members. She had talked with her company and revealed that treated her harshly and talked amongst themselves, saying disgusting things about her.

It’s most likely true. If one gets too much attention, one starts hating the other. I wonder who this member and girl group is. I hope she may still be fighting. Maybe when we see someone leave a girl group, that might be a key. But for now, we wait.


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