[Album Review] 2NE1 Satisfies With To Anyone!

I’ve been waiting for 2NE1’s comeback forever and it’s finally here! I seriously have to do an album review on their first album.. so check this out! Before I start writing this review, check out the tracklist!

  1. Can’t Nobody
  2. Go Away
  3. Clap Your Hands
  4. I’m Busy
  5. It Hurts (Slow)
  6. Love is Ouch (Love is Ah Ah Ah)
  7. You and I (Park Bom)
  8. Please Don’t Go (CL & Minzy)
  9. Kiss (Sandara)
  10. Try to Follow Me

~Bonus Tracks~

11. I Don’t Care (Reggae Remix)

12. Can’t Nobody (English Ver.)

Released: September 9th, 2010

2NE1’s comeback was one of the most anticipated comeback yet and they’re still dominating each charts. The girls are fiesty and fierce. This is the girls’ first full-length album and, of course, fans went crazy… at least I did. In August 2010, Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG, wanted to promote three tracks from the girls’ album. Three music videos were filmed and were released on separate days, concluding the last one “Can’t Nobody” on September 12th. Two days before the album was released the pre-order sales went from 10,000 copies to 120,000 copies. The promotions for the album itself cost about $850, 195!

“Can’t Nobody” is a really catchy song. The song is part vocal part auto-tune. I cannot lie, the song is very very catchy. The beginning of the song catches your attention right away. The song is full of energy and is probably one of the best songs to dance to… in the bathroom. It has an infectious chorus that has already caught me.

“Go Away” is my favorite track from the whole album! The beat, the vocals, the instruments is just perfect. I am seriously addicted to this song. The first time you listen to the song, you would already start nodding your head. The second time, you just want to go crazy. And I already have. If you’re going through a break up and start going through all the ballad songs on your iPod, click this song and let that person go away. This song is the shit! I recommend a download… or purchasing the album.

“Clap Your Hands” is a song that I can picture myself folding my hands and just lean back. It’s got the beat that can seriously keep your head nodding. It’s the leader of all hip-hop songs in Korea. Dang, just clap your hands!

“I’m Busy” reminded me of “Bbi Ri Bop Ba” and “Bo Beep Bo Beep” mixed together in the beginning. The girls are seriously taking this song everywhere and it’s working. The song has one of the best beats I’ve ever heard and it’s amazing. Just shake shake shake… everything you’ve got. I do have one problem. The whole song is practically auto-tuned… except the chorus. And if you know me, you know I hate auto-tune. I didn’t like this one much… but the beat is sick!

“It Hurts (Slow)” does show how powerful the girls’ voices can be… but not arguably the best song in the album. It is a really good song and I’m happy the girls decided to slow it down between the album… cause I’d be exhausted if I was dancing right now. The song is slow and beautiful. It expresses the feeling of heartbreak and is really good. Also a recommended download.

“Love Is Ouch” is also a slowed down song. I’m quite surprised that there is auto-tune. But don’t worry 2NE1 maniacs the song is still good. It’s kind of mid-tempo and quickly caught my attention when I played it. I really love CL’s rapping part. This is a song to listen to twice, because the first time it may sound like bleh.. but try it once more.

“You And I” we’ve all heard it before. The song was released some few months before and is still very good. Bom’s voice is truly beautiful and this is also a good song to download or check out. The song is not a dance song but it’s a good song to sing to your boyfriend if you want to break up with him. I love it!

“Please Don’t Go” brought back the fast pace of 2NE1 again. I haven’t listened to this song since it released and damn it’s good. Oh my goodness. This is a really catch song and just like most of the songs 2NE1 sings, the beat is freaking catchy! If you haven’t listened to this song, this is a good chance.

“Kiss” is also a song I never had the time to check out… and I’ve been missing out. The song is kind of cutesy but it’s very good. The beat, of course, is good. It has less auto-tune than most of the songs in the album. CL’s rapping skills are always good and Dara’s voice is soothing.

“Try To Follow Me” is awesome! The beat is the best part about it and the lyrics are just hip! I’ve made many people listen to this song and they’ve gone crazy over it and have asked me who the artist is. And I gladly tell them who they are. The song is catchy… period.

“I Don’t Care (Reggae Remix)” is so soothing. I’ve been getting into the Jamaican feeling for some while now and this song hits the spot. The original version was good enough and now they want a better one. Goodness these girls are great. The song has a really good beat. I wonder what other versions could go with this songs.

“Can’t Nobody (Eng Ver)” is really cool. The song sounds pretty cool in English. I’m surprised on how good they speak English. This song should make it on the US charts because it fits the taste quite well. If they have plans to debut in the US, they should seriously use this one. Also a very good song to check out.

All in all, the album was filled with a lot of auto-tune but with the freshest beat out there. The girls need to use less auto-tune and this album would have been a B+. Sadly, I grade this album a B-. Good luck next time, girls.

Support the girls and buy the album here!

Have no money? Download the songs individually here or download the album as one here.


3 thoughts on “[Album Review] 2NE1 Satisfies With To Anyone!

  1. haha reading through your reviews and your lavish praises…I thought you would have given them an easy A but turns out that you are absolutely right with B+ or B-…I’m quite annoyed at the humongous amount of auto tune obscuring their great vocals…

  2. haha reading through your reviews and your lavish praises…I thought you would have given them an easy A but turns out that you are absolutely right with B+ or B-…I’m quite annoyed at the humongous amount of auto tune obscuring their great vocals…

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