[MVs] 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody Clap Their Hands Or Go Away

These girls are coming back faster than I can say my alphabets.

The girls are back again and this calls for celebration! These girls have grown popular amongst Korea and might be dominating the US… one day. They already have connections.

Anyways, back to Korea. The girls have released three videos since I’ve been gone and I’m really excited. They released videos for the songs “Can’t Nobody”, “Clap Your Hands” and “Go Away”.

The girls are back with a full-length album titled “To Anyone”. The songs are quite impressive and I already see their names on the charts.. EVERYWHERE!

Check out the nice dance moves of “Clap Your Hands”!

Credits: sushilicious20 @ YT

The back up dancers are YG’s Big Bang!

Check out the creative story behind “Go Away”. First, before you watch it, let me explain the MV! A guy just broke up with 2NE1’s Cl and she’s sad, at first but then she’s singing and showing her stuff! As the video progresses, the rest of the girls are randomly with her at times. They are her “guardian angels”. 2NE1’s CL is supposed to be a race car driver. She then arrives at her ex’s house with a girl in there and she’s depressed now. Her guardian angels help her through the way. She then has to race again, but a tragic accident happens. Yes, CL does dies, so does he. But at the end, the girls are together and is a sign of “He deserved that!”

Credits: Billboard100KpopMnet @ YT

Now, their newly released video “Can’t Nobody”. The girls have been giving so much hype! I’m really happy right now. They are seriously a threat right now. Check out the hip video!

Credits: 2NE1 @ YT

For more 2NE1 awesomeness, check out their YouTube Channel! ENJOY!


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