New Category!!

I made this new category some few weeks before, but I’m not sure if some of you guys realized that. If you look under the “Hot Categories” section, you’ll see a new category. Can anyone figure out what it is. If not, well then… now I know you don’t look much at the category. Anyways, the new category is titled “Watch Movies Online”. It’s a category I made after I found where to watch the new movies I posted under “New Movies”. I only have a few movies right now because I have to search for it and it breaks my back. I mainly searched on YouTube. I can download videos from YouTube and upload the parts to download, so if you need a request go ahead and ask me.

To find the link, check under the video saying “Watch it Here!!” Click on the link and you’re done!

If the links are broken, please tell me, so I can put another link up. Thanks. Enjoy the new movies. But if you’re checking them out I suggest that you should check out “Harmony”, “Secret Love”, and “Yukhyeolpo Robbers”. Not saying the rest aren’t good, but those are the ones I’ve watched and they’re really good. Toodles!!~


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