2NE1 Beats Kanye West

“I’m sorry, Kanye… but I think 2NE1 deserves this spot.”

With one of the highest downloads we’ve ever had on KJP and dominating the K-Pop charts… the girls have dominated iTunes charts in the US.

The girls have not promoted themselves overseas yet, while I have. But the girls have killed the charts in iTunes, even surpassing Kanye West’s 2008 album “808s and Heartbreak (Bonus Video Version).” But what did they rank. They ranked number 2 on iTune’s “Hip-Hop” genre chart. Quite impressive. Eminem takes the number one spot, cause he’s awesome like that. Anyways, buy the album here or download the album here. And check out my album review.


5 thoughts on “2NE1 Beats Kanye West

  1. Yes!!! I knew that my buy 13 of the same songs by 2NE1 would help them reach number 2. Next time I will buy 14 songs. Then they will go number 1.

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