Chihiro Onitsuka Suspected Attacker, Arrested

Sometime this month, it was revealed that a man had attacked Onitsuka in her apartment. She was hit in the face and had to stay in the hospital to heal.

Shibuya Police have stated that Yusuke Komiya had assaulted Onitsuka on August 18th. He had smacked her on the face and threw her on the floor. He also gave her a broken rib, which took one month to heal.

No one knew where or who Komiya was due to him being unemployed and having no permanent address. Onitsuka had met Komiya a week before he attacked her. Komiya is denying the charges placed on him.

Onitsuka is currently working on her album and will soon finish it.

I remember her song “Gekkou” and immediately fell in love with it. I hope she’s better, and I hope that man gets what he deserves!


2 thoughts on “Chihiro Onitsuka Suspected Attacker, Arrested

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