Choi Hee Jin Swears To Netizens

Ah, the smell of controversy!

Everyone began to forget the issues Choi brought on herself and now she’s brought more problems. Many comments have been deleted from her Minihompy that expressed bad feelings towards another.

Many thought that Choi might have changed for the better after she began deleting things from the past and even changing the settings of her privacy. But for now, the past shouldn’t be something to be troubling her.

It has been revealed that Choi had said some swear words towards netizens. The netizen that started this fight stated

You’re spitting in your own face. Even if you have your space, the public can still see you. Us (Netizens) are looking for someone to fight even without¬†evidence.

Choi replied with swear words saying

Shut your f****ng mouth, you b***h. A ugly s**t, who knows nothing. You wanna die, f***er? Why the f**k are you looking at my troubles. Focus on school and study, you b**ch

This comment she wrote made some fans gasp and made me laugh. I’m just missing a bowl of popcorn. She even cursed about kids’ moms. Some might be getting ready to check out her minihompy, but these comments have been deleted… sadly.

Some of you guys need to chill and just let her be. The world might be watching but she still is a human.


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