T.O.P’s “Turn It Up” Expected MC Mong’s Controversy?


The world is full of creep things and this is one of it. I do not believe in psychics nor do I believe in coincidences like this one. The world is full of plans and this might have been one.

In T.O.P’s song “Turn It Up”, it seemed that there might have been a message being sent out and it was to MC Mong.

I did not write about MC Mong’s controversy, but I do know a little snippet about it. MC Mong is being accused for distributing execution of Government laws and hasn’t fulfilled his military service, to summarize it all up.

In June, T.O.P revealed his self-written song in January of 2010, and later on revealed the video in June. There is a part in the video that surprised everyone and might have something to do with MC Mong’s Controversy.

I am a big fan of this song! Anyways, the song had stated “It’s a monkey magic you can’t see with your open eyes. Listen well, this is a message to make you angry.” Crazy and confusing right?

MC Mong is sometimes known as a monkey, due to his face that looks like a monkey, so the monkey part you may understand. In the video, a monkey appears, which was awkward, and then he rips out the teeth of a copy.

Some netizens had stated that this is a line that just cannot be a coincidence while others stated this song was created before MC Mong’s controversy came out.

A netizen stated

The industry works together and this might have been planned years or months before MC Mong’s con. What might have been considered ‘news’ to us might be plans to them. Rumors about MC Mong’s teeth extractions had been around years before.

This is quite awkward. There are so much stuff happening around us and the sad part is we don’t know it.


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