Kanye Wests Helps JYJ With Global Album

SURPRISE! It really is.

There is now big news going around the special instrument called “The World Wide Web”. It has been announced that JYJ will release a global album titled “The Beginning.” .. and then fans gasp for breath.

Former group DBSK had one of the biggest fansite in the world. They even reached the Guinness Book Records in 2008 for having so many fans and being the most celebrity being shot in magazines. But now the group has split up and JYJ is taking a route by themselves.

JYJ has teamed up with one of the world’s greatest producers, Kanye West along with Rodney Jerkins. This will mark their global debut album “The Beginning”. Wow, TVXQ have really broken up. This will be their first English album debut. Their first single will be titled “Ayyy girl” and is produced by Kanye West, who will also be featured in the song. The song is about finding that perfect girl but when you find her, it doesn’t seem like how you pictured it.

The members also have self-written tracks on there. Jaejoong will sing a song titled “Still In Love”. Junsu will sing “I Can Soar” and Yuchun will sing “I Love You”.

The album will have seven new songs and three new remixes. A huge producer in Asia named Jae Chong also contributed with the album and helped the members choose songs.

Their new album is produced by Show Stop Entertainment and will be distributed by Warner Music worldwide. The first single “Ayyy Girl” will be available on iTunes on October 19th, while the full album will be released on October 12th. There will also be a special limited edition “Luxury package” that will only be limited to 99,999 copies.

To add unto the psych, the boys will also have a tour going on in Asia AND the US. For more info check out their official website.

I’m half happy for them, half not. Mainly because I don’t like it when Korean artists debut in the US. They might make it somewhere, but I don’t think they’ll make it big. They’ll just stay under the radar and some would probably get lucky to even hear their songs on the radio or see their videos on TV. Speaking about TV… if you have Comcast and you have On Demand, go onto “Music” and they have K-Pop. Check that out.


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