[Take A Peek] SNSD’s Tiffany Can’t Perform Gee In Korean?

Some anti fans may be laughing off their chairs if they see this. Now, I am not an anti fan but I laughed. It’s good to laugh at things… lifts the atmosphere.

On October 13th, the girls were invited to perform their hit song “Gee” at KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Festival and they sure did. This festival was held in Yeouido Park in Seoul. The girls performed their three hit songs: Run Devil Run, Oh! and Gee.

While the girls were performing Gee, Tiffany never thought about which location she was in. It started off great but them Tiffany started speaking Japanese. Now, the girls have performed Gee in Japanese a lot and maybe this might have been the problem. Tiffany realizes she made a mistake and stops singing while lowering her voice. Hyoyeon, in the background begins to laugh.

Check out the laughable mistake. And haters, stop hating. Starts at 0:30

Credits: MediaVop @ YT


3 thoughts on “[Take A Peek] SNSD’s Tiffany Can’t Perform Gee In Korean?

  1. hahaha…. its make me laugh…..
    what happen with tiffany…
    she make mistake like that in a concert….
    and make it perfect is hyoyeon laugh in concert…
    (and to be honest i don’t know exactly which one Tiffany and which one hyoyeon…)
    sorry my english is bad

  2. haha oh tifany i love her so much she looks so cute while shes so worried, nd hehe hyoyeon was just smiling hehehe I ❤ snsd!!

  3. OMG!! to tell the truth i dont like snsd…hehe but still its funny cant believe this actually happen..haha!!!but i think 4 minute and 2ne1 is better than snsd…well every one have their own thoughts right hehe

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