A Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend Starring Two Big Asian Stars

It has been revealed that there will be a Taiwanese remake of the hit manga/ Japanese drama “Absolute Boyfriend/ Zettai Kareshi.” I am super happy because I loved the manga and the Japanese drama. I cannot wait to see it.

It has been revealed that famous Taiwanese actor/singer, Wu Chun, will be playing Tenjo Night (Not official character name), while famous Korean actress/director, Goo Hye Sun, will be playing Izawa Riko (Not official character name). This meeting of two big stars have made this new drama broadcast in parts of Asia rather than just Taiwan. 

Absolute boyfriend is about an encounter between a human girl and a robot boy, who is the perfect boyfriend. The girl has been chosen to try a 5-day trial with him. As the story goes on, the girl discovers her feelings are much more than what she thought it would be and ends up falling for the robot. A love triangle starts between her, the robot and a close friend of hers. A heated battle for love and shocking discovery of how one can love.

Goo Hye Sun had rose to fame with her hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” which was also a remake of a famous Japanese manga/drama. This will be Goo Hye Sun and Wu Chun’s second project together.

The filming will start of April or July of next year and will most likely broadcast at the middle or end of next year.

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