[Album Review] JYJ Surprises With “The Beginning”

This is a big change for everyone and I just HAD to write about their first global album. The album seems to be unique and is filled with three hot men with three great voices.

JYJ consists of ex-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki members Jaejoong, YooChun, and Junsu. After they disbanded from the hit group, the three members made up the unique group. They released their first album “The…” and are on to dominate the world with this new album. JYJ has been packing up fans, though most of their fans want two more members to be in it.

Before I go on, check out the tracklist:

1. Intro ( Composed by Brian Kim, BJD)
2. Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / M. Yusef (Composed by Kanye West, K. Hamler, P. Phenom, M. Yusef, Jae Chong / Lyrics by K. Hamler, P. Phenom, M. Yusef)
3. Empty (Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker)
4. Be My Girl (Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker)
5. Still in Love (Composed by Hero Jae-joong / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
6. I Love You_Feat. Flowsik (Composed by Micky Yu-cheon / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
7. I Can Soar (Composed by Xiah Jun-su / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
8. Be The One (Composed by Jae Chong / Lyrics by Jae Chong, Terry Shorter, Kyoko Hamler)

~Special Album~ (Not included in download or review)
9. Ayyy Girl_ S. Tiger Remix
10. Empty_DJ EON Remix
11. Be My Girl_DJ EON Remix

Released: October 14, 2010

The “Intro” scared me a little bit because of how it started and my speakers were loud. The intro is nothing much. Just will a little kick and a little hit here and there. No one sings except for the electronic voice in the beginning. It’s pretty much a “Get Ready” sign.

“Ayyy Girl” is actually a hilarious song to me. Especially in the begining when the guy said “For an effort I get an ayy.” Goodness, I love this. The song isn’t a typical song we here in the Korean world, but something we may here in the US world. Kanye West is a dope rapper. He can rap really good. Though, his attempt at singing almost made me barf. The song is very catchy. Some people are saying Kanye West should have never been in the track but without Kanye, many people wouldn’t notice them. So, those people shut up! Please. Plus, their English needs a little improvement in this. If you want to debut in the US, know your pronunciations. The song is quite catchy but it’s really stupid at times. It seems like a song an uprofessional singer sang and hoped it become a hit.

“Empty” is probably the first song in the album that attracted me immediately. It’s really good. It kind of have a U.S. and the new Korean wave of fast pace song mixed in one song. The vocals aren’t as good as I hoped it would be but it is a really good song. This is a MUST LISTEN. It’s really good and the lyrics are better than “Ayyy girl.” I think they should have used this song rather than “Ayyy girl,” but that’s the only track they have Kanye in. They need to get noticed. This is a really good song.

“Be My Girl” is also a song that caught my attention. The beat is pure and beautiful. Their pronunciations still needs a little work but it’s very good. The beat is seriously sick and the way they repeat words make it even more catchier. The piano and the kicks are purely together. Their voices sound very beautiful here. It’s a song that was slowed down and it’s a song to check out. Not really a must.

“Still In Love” is JaeJoong’s song he composed, so a lot of Jaejoong fans will love this. The song is a slow R&B song that has beautiful strings in it. Though, his voice is very low that I can hardly understand what he says, it is still very listenable. Not my favorite and not the best. I think they should have done more with this song because it sounds like a song that was worked on for some few hours and finished. Instead of taking time and time. Not really a song to check out. And as it goes on it drags.. meaning it becomes boring.

“I Love You” starts off quite quiet. To my surprise a rap starts by Flowsik and I start swinging side to side. How come the songs being composed by the members are all slow. Some people wanna dance. Anyways, this is composed by YooChun and is not that awesome. It’s okay. I don’t like how the beat changes when it reaches the chorus. The background voices are beautiful. He also has a strong voice too.

“I Can Soar” sounds like a song I would listen to while drinking coffee… well when it started. As it went, it sounded like a song I would listen to after a break-up. The voices are quite powerful. This song is also composed by JunSu and is very very good. The song picks up rhythm and it goes far beyond the skies. I like it. A good song to check out. The background voices are very beautiful. Great job JunSu!

“Be The One” is a song to nod your head to, then break out dancing. Finally a dance song. I’ve been waiting for this. A little auto-tune to go with the fast-pace song. I bet many girls would love to be the one for them. It’s a pretty good song, not the best. Not as good as “Empty,” which is my favorite track from the album. I like the beat a lot and the voices are quite strong. Hope they can be the one to dominate the charts and blow away many ears.

All in all, this album should have been better. They need to focus more on their pronunciations rather than the beat, even though the beat was what saved them from getting the grade, D. “Empty” should have been their title track, but nope it had to be “Ayyy Girl”. Kanye West, stick to rapping and JYJ you may have to stick with Asia. I give this album a C+. Good luck, next time.

REMEMBER THIS IS A GLOBAL ALBUM! Support JYJ and purchase the normal album here. Purchase the special edition here along with a folded poster. Purchase the special edition with the poster in a tube here.

Have no money? Download the album as one here or download the songs individually here.


3 thoughts on “[Album Review] JYJ Surprises With “The Beginning”

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  2. i am heart broken…poor jyj…STUPID SM ENTERTAINMENT!!! I REALLY HATE THEM ITS ALL THERE FAULT…i hope JYJ comes to Australia!!!^ ^ FIGHTING JYJ!!! I LOVE U GUYS FOREVER šŸ™‚

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