Erika Sawajiri Cannot Be Found?

It has been revealed that no one has heard of Sawajiri for the past three weeks. Sports Nippon had stated that people are unable to contact the actress even her mother. Lila lives with Sawajiri and stated that the last time she contacted her was in twenty days and she’s worried.

Sawajiri had been scheduled to appear for a press conference on a new commericial she’ll be in on September 21st, but she canceled the day before.. due to high fever. She was last seen for a press conference on September 5th.

Sports Nippon stated that her disappearance may be for an article on CNN in which she gave in to her former agency and was forced to give a tearful apology on TV in 2007 when she was stated as behaving unprofessional for the movie “Closed Note.” This problem may have limited what she could do and this may have kept her off the spotlight for some while.

Some sources state that she may be overseas due to a fight with her mother and may have told a friend of hers that no one can contact her for some while. I hope that’s just it rather than something bad.


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