Sayaka Akimoto Is Not In A Relationship With Ouji Hiroi

It was revealed on Shukan Bunshun that AKB48’s Sayaka Akimoto had a man sleep at her house on October 9th. It was later on revealed that it was multimedia creator Ouji Hiroi who is working on a project with Akimoto titled “Double Heroine.” Akimoto states that there has been a big misunderstanding.

After Akimoto left the building, Hiroi was spotted coming to the building. In the morning, they were both spotted living the building at different times. Shukan Bunshun also states that he had spent a night with her on October 7th.

Akimoto states that Akimoto is just a a mentor in who she searches for acting advices for… nothing else. Akimoto stated that she was shocked when she heard the news because Hiroi is older than her father and such a rumor would come up. Her agency warned her to avoid this type of situation.

Hiroi also stated that Akimoto has also been to his house and watched a movie. He says there is nothing more than a teacher/student relationship and that will never change between them.

The building Akimoto is staying is also a building were many people under her agency send their stars.

Wow, what a story. It’s quite awkward to think she would be dating him. She’s 22 and he’s 56. EEEW. That would be really awkward.


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