Leah Dizon To Divorce Husband!

It has been revealed that idol Leah Dizon will be divorcing her husband after she revealed in 2008, a shocking news in which she was married to a stylist. People close to Dizon and her husband say that they are currently living under different roofs and will take a long time to fix if tried.

Dizon had moved to Japan and quickly became a big gravure idol in Japan and sooner revealed a singing career. It was revealed in 2008 that she was married to a stylist who is 31 and is pregnant with his child.

Dizon and her mother Mira have been living separately from her husband since earlier this month. The divorce isn’t yet confirmed, but those close to her said that she plans to file a divorce and will be fighting a legal battle for her child.

To add unto the news, the separation is said to have been caused by the husband’s busy schedule and different looks on parental ideas, household matters, relationships and more.

This is quite a shocking article. I am really surprised.


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