[MV] JYJ Wants Ayyy Girl

Everyone, including me even though I’m not a big fan of them, have been waiting for the video to drop… and finally, FINALLY, it has came out. This will be a really hot issue, I will say in two minutes. But in two minutes, I’ll still be writing. You all get me.

The boys are finally hitting off their international debut with their new song “Ayyy Girl.” If you do not know about this it is either you do not know who JYJ or DBSK are or you don’t like them. Even if you didn’t like them, you’d still know about this. Anyways, the video is based off ‘Gods of Olympus.’ Check out their new video. 

Credits: PhoebeMrsJung @ YT

First of all, where’s Kanye? I love me some Kanye. Plus, the song doesn’t go with the theme. What the heck were they thinking? To add onto my thoughts, I must say that this song is really good but this is not a song to debut with in the U.S. If they plan to make it, then change the song… to a better one. Hope Kanye can help them. And also.. why didn’t they take off their shirts? That would have helped them a lot!!

1 thought on “[MV] JYJ Wants Ayyy Girl

  1. I liked the song however, I have to agree with you that if they want to debut in the US they need to re-mix the song or use another one with a more of up beat.

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