[MV] Utada Hikaru Says Goodbye To Happiness

The video was something opposite to what I thought it would be. The song is totally amazing, I must say. The girl can sing and she can do it real good at it too.

I announced on the seventh about everything that is going on with Utada and under that news, I announced she would release a new song and a new PV on the ninth. We all today is the ninth so we all should have gone crazy already. Anyways, to keep this news going, the PV was actually quite creative. Utada directed it herself and it was well put. It was ultra cute and super Utada. I’ll stop my yapping and you may check out the video here. Sorry, can’t embed it.

This is for her new album “Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 2,” which includes five new songs including this.


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