Passerby No.3

  • Movie: Passerby #3
  • Revised romanization: Ryeinbowoo
  • Hangul: 레인보우
  • Director: Shin Su-Won
  • Writer: Shin Su-Won
  • Producer: Shin Su-Won, Kim Mi-Jung
  • Cinematographer: Han Tae-Yong
  • Release Date: November 18, 2010
  • Runtime: 91min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ji-Wan quit her job to pursue her dreams of becoming a movie director. She then started work on a movie screenplay, but it has been several years and she keeps changing the scenario. Ji-Wan also has a teenage son named Si-Young who wants to play the passerby #3 in her first film.

One day, Ji-wan feels depressed so goes to the playground and runs. At that time, she sees a rainbow reflected in the puddle water and becomes inspired to write a new screenplay. The new movie will be titled “Rainbow” … will Ji-Wan ever be able to make her first movie?


  • Park Hyun-Young – Ji-Wan
  • Baek So-Myung – Si-Young
  • Lee Mi-Yoon – P.D. Choi
  • Kim Jae-Rok – Sang Woo
  • Jeong In-Gi – Passerby 1

Credits: KMDb02 @ YT


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