Villain and Widow

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  • Movie: Villain and Widow
  • Revised romanization: Yicheungui Akdang
  • Hangul: 이층의 악당
  • Director: Son Jae-Gon
  • Writer: Son Jae-Gon
  • Producer: Kim Mi-Hee, Choi Sun-Mi, Choi Pyeong-Ho
  • Cinematographer: Choi Sang-Ho
  • Release Date: November 25, 2010
  • Runtime: 115 min.
  • Distributor: SidusFNH
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Hyun-Joo (Kim Hye-Soo) is sick and tird of her boring daily life. Her middle school aged daughter is not happy with herself. To make matters worse for Hyun-Joo, she finds herself in financial difficulties. To make some extra money, Hyun-Joo rents out a room in her second story home to a man named Chang-In (Han Suk-Kyu). Chang-In himself is a mysterious type of person who described himself as a novelist …


  • Kim Hye-Soo – Hyun-Joo
  • Han Suk-Kyu – Chang-In
  • Ji-Woo – Sang-Ah
  • Kim Ki-Cheon – Sung-Sik
  • Lee Yong-Nyeo – next door neighbor
  • Dong-Ho – Hyun-Chul
  • Lee Jang-Woo – Oh Soon-Kyung
  • Uhm Ki-Joon – Co. President Ha
  • Oh Jae-Kun – Section Chief Song
  • Park Won-Sang – Ham Ki-Soo
  • Park Hyeok-Kwon – Manager Jo
  • Yoon Hee-Seok – Doctor

Credits: edmame @ YT


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