Boyz II Men To Cover Japanese Songs

That’s freaking awesome. Their voices are so amazing and the songs they pick is too much.

It has been revealed that famous Acapella/ R&B group Boyz II Men will be covering different Japanese songs for a new album. The album “COVERED -Winter-” was first revealed as a retailer a couple of months ago but no one knew the track-list until now. There will be covers of nine Japanese songs, total. The songs

  • “Missing” – Toshinobu Kubota
  • “First Love” – Hikaru Utada
  • “Yuki no Hana” – Mika Nakashima
  • “Itoshi no Ellie” – Southern All Stars
  • “Saigo no Ame” – Yasushi Nakanishi
  • “Sen no Kaze ni Natte” – Man Arai
  • “Heavenly White” – EXILE

will all be covered by the group.

The album will be revealed on December 22, 2010. Boyz II Men also will also release an original album next year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. To all the fans in Japan, they will also have a 4-concert tour in Japan in November of 2011.

Check out their official Japanese website & the sample page for their new album.

I’m glad they’re doing covers. Their voices are truly beautiful and I know this will be a good album. It’s good that they recognize Japanese music. And many of the songs are very good.


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