[More Details] Chihiro Onitsuka’s Attacker

We had announced some few months ago that Chihiro Onitsuka’s attacker had been caught. Now that he has, more details are being revealed on the chilling night of the traumatizing event.

The defendant Yusuke Komiya was arrested in September after viciously attacking Onitsuka. While he was on trial, news came out that he had been in prison once for violent behavior.

According to the statements that was made on Thursday, it was revealed that Komiya and Onitsuka had been dating after they met each other at a toys store in August. Komiya had been unemployed for some while before they met and had no where to live so Onitsuka had allowed him to stay with her for some while. While living with her, Komiya and Onitsuka began growing closer but Komiya slowly grew unhappy with her.

On August 18th, sometime at 6:00 A.M., Komiya came to Onitsuka’s apartment drunk in which Onitsuka was still asleep at the time. It is said that he pulled off the covers and slapped her hard on the face. For defense, Onitsuka had slapped him back and this made him angrier, causing him to beat her harder. Komiya had slapped her several times on the face, knocked her to the floor, and scratching her eyes out. This resulted to injuries to her face, ribs and cheekbones. Her injuries took a month to heal.

After Komiya had stopped and went to sleep, Onitsuka quietly left her apartment and went to the manager to call the police. When the police arrived, Komiya was no where to be found but Onitsuka’s apartment was destroyed. Komiya was discovered in a hotel in Tachikawa, Tokyo in September.

Komiya had dropped out of college and began working various jobs. Though, Komiya is not married, it is said that he has a child. Komiya had served an 18-month period in prison for five violence act in November of 2007. He is also being prosecuted for violent act that happened earlier this year. On March 28 this year, Komiya had met a man in a connivence store and suddenly started beating him. He then drove a taxi with him and continuously hit him on the street.

Onitsuka stated that this event has caused her to never trust men again and is now afraid to be near males.

I hope that Onitsuka may grow out of this traumatizing event because she’s a great singer and is really pretty. I’m rooting for her.

Komiya’s next trial is on February 7th.


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