Park Han Byul Gets An Increase In Anti-Fans

Wow. Ultra pretty.

Anyways, there have been some news flying about that Park Han Byul has been receiving tons of Anti-fans these days. On December 16th, Park had tweeted that it seems she has an increase in anti-fans… from foreign countries. Park also stated that she’s starting to feel weak but is hoping that it is just because she has a cold.

Many of her fans are still rooting for her to go on with her life and forget the anti-fans.

Some people believe she is being hated because she is dating awesome singer SE7EN or maybe it’s just her.

Ah, those days of hating celebrities. Good times. Good times. I really don’t think it’s right to hate someone because they’re dating you’re celebrity “crush.” It’s not like they would find you and want to marry you. He’s got someone to love now. Leave them alone.


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