[Album Review] GD & TOP Has Me High With “High High”

Yes! This is what I have been waiting for and finally it is here. And now that it is here, I bring it to you.

GD (GDragon) and TOP are in the five member group called Big Bang, which is one of the most famous group in Korea today. The two boys came together under YG Entertainment and created a new album titled “High High.” The members of Big Bang are currently dominating the music scene in Korea and sooner or later, the world. GDragon and TOP have brought us something special today that’ll make us… High.

Before I go on, check out the tracklist:

04- Don’t Go Home [feat. Park Bom]
05- Baby Good Night
06- Knocking Out
07- OH MOM [TOP]
08- Obsession [GD]
09- Of All Days [TOP]
10- What Do You Want From me? [GD]
11- Turn It Up [GD]

Released: December 24th, 2010

The “Intro” is a really nice way to introduce us to the duo. It is like a two minute song that reveals both of their rapping skills and will surely have you nodding your hair through out. But, I’m not saying that it is my favorite intro from an album. TOP has one of the sweetest deep voice I have ever heard and it makes me go wild. This song has started people with the feeling of getting wild on the dance floor, at home or with your friends. A pretty cool intro, I may say.

“High High” is one of my favorite track from the album. This is of course one of the best songs on the album. Every time I listen to it, I go crazy up and down. I embarrass myself in public dancing to the song with my earphones on. But it’s true, this song is too good. This is a song that is a MUST check out. The verses are good, the bride is off the chain and the chorus is unbelievable. A MUST check out.

“Oh Yeah” featuring Park Bom is also a very good track on the album. The beat has everything that is needed and Park Bom’s voice is like the cherry on top. The song is spectacular and it gives fans of Big Bang what they were waiting for. It is a song that you can either chill and listen to or get buck wild with. Every vocal in the album is spectacular especially Park Bom’s. The song is catchy.. very catchy. I just added it to my list of songs to check out now.

“Don’t Go Home” was a type of song I least expected the boys to sing. It’s kind of 70s like. But then again, this album has many different genres that people can move to. It’s very disco type but it’s so good. Though, I must say it is not the best track on the album. You do not really have to check this song out but it is something to try and listen to and see if one can like it. The song is kind of funny and awkward. Especially the part after the second verse. Just try listening to it.

“Baby Good Night” is a really good slow down song for the album. The song is very catching. It’s kind of depressing in some kind of sorta, sexy way. Their voices sound very pure and beautiful in this song. And the French at the beginning and end is very satisfying. It’s so pure and beautiful. The lyrics have a lot of meaning in it. The first few seconds of the song, it caught my attention and this is the fifth time I’ve listened to it. It’s not only catchy but very creative. The guitar in the background of the song is so beautiful. In the song, I have no idea who is saying the high pitched vocals but if it’s GDragon then… damn. This song clearly shows how creative the boys are.

“Knocking Out” has taken me to that place where I can’t stop crossing my arms and leaning back… if you know what I mean. The song is so ear catching that I stopped typing for some while without even realizing it. This song shows how good of a rapper both artists are. Gosh, I cannot stop nodding my head! This song has one of the sickest beats I have ever heard and the little background noise that sounds like a bubble popping is too good. This song is seriously a song to check out. It’s such an unexpected catchy song. The only thing I can say is… Damn…

“OH MOM” disappointed me. I am not saying that the song is bad but I am just stating that I hated that I thought this album would stay auto-tune free and then this track comes. Disregarding the fact that T.O.P’s voice was auto-tuned, I must say that the story of this song is interesting and the beat is really good. The fixed rock and r&b mixed into the song is very creative. I give props to the boy for making such a good song. If it wasn’t auto-tuned I would have loved it way more than now. But this is a really good song to check out.

“Obsession” kind of started with a scary tune in the beginning. But as it kept going I began to love it. And also… AGAIN! There is some auto-tune in G-Dragon’s voice, which I do not love very much. The song sounds very much like G-Dragon, evil but deep. This song is quite good and I must say that GDragon did a pretty good job on this one… except for the fact that it’s auto-tuned. One song to check out.

“Of All Days” is not the best track on the album. It’s just not so awesome as I wanted it to be. But trust me, the beat is sick just like T.O.P’s voice… but I’m not really feeling the song. It’s not like most of the tracks in the song that immediately catches my attention. I really find the song creative though. Not one of the best, but some might not agree. If you wanna know what I’m talking about, check it out.

“What Do You Want From Me?” started off with a weird twist. It kind of sounded like GDragon was in bed making love to some skank. But I must say that this sounds like an hilarious track. It sounds like a song to just joke around with because it’s so funny. I can’t really talk much about this, because this isn’t on a professional level but in a level that is used to entertain fans and it’s working. Just check this track out and do something very stupid.

“Turn It Up.” Dang that song was the shiznit. This is one of the best song by T.O.P. and it is freaking amazing. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics… EVERYTHING is in there. The song always make me turn my speakers all the way. Just as he says “Turn it up loud.” Go ahead and do it because this is a song that will make you do it. Everything thing in the song is very good. A definite song to check out.

Overall, I must say that this was one of the most highly anticipated album of the year and the duo surprised me with different tracks. The boys are very creative and have their own way of being themselves. Each track was very entertaining to listen to. If they hadn’t lost my hope in a no auto-tune album, this track would have been a A-… but now remains a B+. Good job boys.

This is a really good album, so why don’t you support the boys and buy the album here. Have no money? Download  individual songs here.


3 thoughts on “[Album Review] GD & TOP Has Me High With “High High”

  1. Cool review!

    I totally get where you are coming from with the heavily Autotuned songs such as Oh Mom and Obsession. I think that it kinda ruined the whole vibe of the song, you know? Kinda makes them sound like malfunctioning robots, instead of the true-blue musicians that they really are.

    I had a problem with Of All Days myself; but give it a couple of listens, especially the chorus. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head to the song sooner or later. 🙂

  2. I already thought this album was amazing, but your review wanted to me to buy it even more! I honestly love all the songs in this album, but unlike some people I kind of liked the auto-tune. The only song I had a problem with was GD’s “What do you want from me.” I really am not feeling vibe from it. I am kind of disappointed from the change in the album cover…I really liked the Bunny/Victory Sign cover. I am one of those late people who buy albums like the next year….Now if I wanted the old cover I would have to pay like $100! Thank you for making me want it even more!

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