Girl Story Finds Controversy Before Debuting

Well that pretty much sucks.

The upcoming girl group called “Girl Story” has been receiving some cons before they have even debuted. Many pundits are stating that this ‘low-teen’ group is not a good age to get into the industry. Since the girl group consist of four members that are under the age of 13, many people fear the outcome. Kim Chae Young, 11, Kim Hae In, 9, Kim Yuri,10, and Lee Yoon Jung, 9. Isn’t that hazardous enough?

Though, it is a new trend going on that the age of girl groups seem to be lowering, it isn’t right. Many people fear that some of their choreography, music and outfits may be too mature for them. Their representative states that they are paying extra attention to what they were and how they act so that they may remain their age.

They will have many difficulties to face and many are hoping the outcome to be good. Check out a teaser for their track “Pinky Pinky”

Credits: LemcTama @ YT

I feel awkward watching them closely. Wouldn’t every one in the world feel like a pedophile while watching them perform. It’s very awkward…


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