New Girl Group To Specialize In Hip Hop A Capella

Awesome. This’ll be very interesting.

There we be a new girl group called “Coin Jackson” that’ll be specializing in the genre of Hip-Hop A capella… which is of course important because this’ll be the first Hip-Hop A capella group in Asia… EVER! The member Jihoo (above picture) will be the first person to be introduced to the spotlight. On December 24th, she will be performing at the Seoul Student Athletics Stadium, singing the national anthem at a professional basketball game.

The new girl group will have a guest performance in an upcoming concert on the 29th and will finally have their debut next year in January.

I really hope that this girl group doesn’t change when they realize they aren’t doing much. I’m not saying they’re gonna fail but hip-hop is seriously not a famous genre in Asia. U-Kiss started out with singing R&B and Hip-Hop, now all they do is make their voices auto-tuned and sing pop songs. I really hope they don’t fail. But no worries, I’m watching them!


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