Osamu Mukai Spent The Night With An Actress?

It has been revealed that the rising star Osamu Mukai spent the night with Kotono Tsubaki at his apartment earlier this month.

Both Mukai and Tsubaki starred in “Bokutachi wa Sekai wo Kaeru Koto ga Dekinai,” which was Mukai’s first lead role and many suspect that is how they slowly became friends. Earlier this month, Mukai was caught wearing a face mask while leaving his apartment and drove away in his car to pick up Tsubaki. They returned to his apartment at 11 P.M. They entered the apartment separately and left at nine in the morning, separately.

Mukai’s agency states that there is nothing going on between the two and Tsubaki’s agency states that she came over to ask for advice.

I remember seeing Mukai in “Hachimitsu to Kuroba,” live action with Ikuta Toma. I immediately fell in love with him. Luckily nothing happened. Hahaha.


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