Komukai Minako Arrested For Drug Possession

Komuaki Minako was arrested on February 25th, this Friday, at the Narita Airport. Police had made a warrant to arrest her last month, but they never had the chance to after she fled to the Philippines the next day. After the warrant was publicly announced on the internet and on news site, she still stayed in the Philippines until returning on Friday, when she was arrested.

Komukai was supposed to arrive back in Japan on the February 16th, but changed her plans quickly and was set to come back on March 21st. Police filed a document with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 22nd to force Komukai to return her passport. Due to this fact, Komukai rushed back quickly. If not, she would have been deported.

At 7:58 A.M, she had denied the allegations placed on her when the police took her. She is a suspect for violating the Stimulant Control Law. Police are saying that she had .9 grams of stimulant in a hotel room in Shinagawa, Tokyo on May 14, 2010. The supplier was a Japanese person that was working under an Iranian drug dealer that witnessed a recent drug bust.

While in the Philippines, Komukai stated that she didn’t know about the warrant until a couple weeks ago. If found guilty, she will serve time in prison.


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