[Throwback] S.E.S. Makes Dreams Come True

This will be the first throwback that will be made on KJP’s page. This new category and topic is made in order to inform new or ‘not to well known of past Asian pop music’ listeners to embark on the good ‘ol days in which Asian pop was all about the voice and ‘new’ music rather than sex and auto-tunes. I haven’t been into kpop for a very long time so this will also be something new to me. I will try to post 2 – 4 times a month so people can enter a new world they never saw before. Throwback music will include songs from the 1950s to 2009. And as the years pass by a whole new year will be added (e.g. 2011, 2009. 2012, 2010. 2013, 2011). It will also include songs from Japan, Taiwan and our precious Korea. Maybe some drop ins from China too. Eh eh. Interesting huh? I will only pick one song, not one artist to keep a topic on. Well, why don’t we get started.

This topic will be about S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True.” Some people have heard topics and songs from S.E.S. and I know everyone thinks “Who or what is S.E.S?” S.E.S. stands for the names of the members in the group. S = Sea. E = Eugene. S = Shoo. They were under SM Entertainment and grew to be one of the biggest groups in all of KPop history. The group debuted in 1997 with the self-titled album “S.E.S.” and title track “I’m Your Girl” featuring Andy and Eric before they debuted under the group name Shinhwa.

One of my favorite songs was in their second album titled “Sea & Eugene & Shoo” titled “Dreams Come True.” It was made in 1998 so some may find it boring but I loved everything about the song. This song shows the REAL meaning of singing back then and should be used today. I’m sure many people will find this song entertaining because I fell for it the first time I heard it. Check this cute video out along with a cute rap. This one is really good.

Credits: soshimae @ YT

If you want to download the song, click here. Enjoy.


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