New Male Group Named “Boyfriend” Features Twins

You’re probably not wondering, but to let you know… that is not one person in the photo.

Remember when we told you about a new boyband that would be coming up from StarShip Entertainment, who are famous for famous girl group Sistar & K.Will. Well… here they are. At least two members. What? You only see one person… it’s two, if you look closely.

It has been revealed that this new male group actually consists of twins and their group is called “Boy Friend.” The brothers are named YoungMin & KwangMin. They have grown highly popular this past few weeks & as you can tell from the photos.. they’re pretty hot.

Noh Min Woo is also said to be part of the group. This new boy group is set to debut next month.



4 thoughts on “New Male Group Named “Boyfriend” Features Twins

  1. Ahhh the Boyfriend twins. u<
    Congrats Boyfriend on your debut! i hope YoungMin & KwangMin become very successful. 8D
    Argh! i'm finally at that age where debuting k pop stars are younger than me. T.T

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